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31 Oktober 2018 @ 22:46

It´s friends only. If you think that we have something in common feel free to add me. But please just leave a short comment first.

Banner by: karmalicious84
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19 Januar 2009 @ 13:19
Hello guys,

this is round two of our affiliate post! We are looking for other Icon-, Icon-Contest etc. Communities ♥ Would be cool, if they are active!

If you want to affiliate with cadilicious, just leave a short comment HERE!

Would be nice, if you could send us 4 of your favorite (selfmade) Icons ♥ It's just an offer, no must :)

Best wishes,

tueppelchen & karmalicious84
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08 Januar 2009 @ 16:13
Hey guys,

beause of the rumours about closing the lj because of some really sucking things some guys made (http://valleywag.gawker.com/5124184/the-russian-bear-slashes-a-social-network), I have made me a 'just in case'-account @ Insane Journal.
Here are my adress: http://tueppelchen.insanejournal.com/
Feel free to add me there!

I really hop that LJ doesn´t close, ´cause I like it and I like my Journal. I don´t want to change and until now I can´t handle these insan Journal.. :(
I will keep my fingers crossed for the LJ
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[x] 132 Sam Winchester – Season Four (Jared Padalecki) Current Moods (100x50)
[x] Pls comment your download & respect my work!
[x] Pls give a credit to tueppelchen
[x] Do NOT claim as your own
[x] Do NOT hotlink
[x] Do not alter, pls
[x] Enjoy my work ♥


Get Sammy HERE


24 Dezember 2008 @ 18:15
[*] 100 New Year´s Eve bases (100x100)
[*] Pls comment if you take
[*] Pls don´t forget the credit to tueppelchen
[*] do not hotlink
[*] enjoy my work :)


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